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Summer Family Photo Sessions: What To Wear?

What should you wear for a photo session? That’s a question that I get asked all of the time. A key to a beautiful family photo session is planning ahead on what to wear. Here are my top tips on putting wardrobe together for your family photo session in the spring or summer.

Lighter Colors

Lighter colors helps keep the focus on your face. Think of whites, neutral colors or pastels. Stick to the same 4-5 colors for everyone such as white or rose pink for shirts, dresses and cardigans, light blue shirts and jeans and brown for shoes, boots and belts.

Long Dress for Mom

My first choice for Mom is a long, solid-colored dress. Wearing a flowing dress is very flattering in pictures, especially for pregnant ladies. It should have some kind of sleeve. If it is spaghetti strapped or tank top strap, layer a cardigan or jacket over it. The dress can be a light color like rose pink or olive green or a bright color like canary yellow or royal blue.

Dads Keep It Simple

For Dads, I recommend a light, solid-colored buttoned-down shirt. If Mom’s dress or outfit is more casual, choose a shirt that is more casual for Dad with jeans or khakis. If Mom is wearing a more formal look, go with a dress shirt and slacks.

Kids Follow Suit

For children, follow similar clothing and colors of Mom and Dad. Girls can wear a dress in a similar color to Mom and boys can wear a similar outfit to Dad. You can consider accessories like suspenders and hair pieces.


Remember to consider shoes (and socks) for everyone. We will see your shoes in photos so be sure to think about what everyone is wearing from head to toe. Think about what you will be comfortable in.

I hope you have found these tips helpful! And remember that’s just what these are – tips. Family photos are about capturing you and your loved ones as you are.


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